Nadia D'Elboux

Professional Architectural Technologist

I consider myself a very motivated, dedicated, accurate and hard-working person. Due to my interest, curiosity and willingness to learn, I get involved in everything I do with high enthusiasm.

As an innovative individual in today’s building industry, I offer:

I am a strong leader, but work well with and believe in teamwork.

I strive to promote a service marked by excellence, both in our buildings and in addressing the needs of my clients, with the focus on high standards & elegance…

Workshops attended & Certificates received

  • 2019/05/06 Accessible & inclusive design in the built environment
  • 2019/03/12 Inspections, reporting & expert witnessing by SAIBD
  • 2019/01/22 2019 National building regulations: SANS 10400 Minimum requirements
  • 2018/11/08 Designing for awareness: Module 1 - Over the Edge
  • 2018/04/17 The law, ethics & associated duties imposed on architectural professionals
  • 2018/01/22 National building regulations: SANS 20400 Minimum requirements
  • 2017/11/26 Duties, work stages & JBCC certificates
  • 2017/05/09 Construction technology part 3
  • 2016/11/29 Benefits of RPL
  • 2016/02/23 Construction regulations & OHS act
  • 2015/02/25 Professional - Local authority relationships
  • 2015/02/04 Access and public safety
  • 2014/07/24 Water reticulation in buildings (based on SANS10252- 1 & SANS10400-W)
  • 2013/08/06 Contract & fees (including JBCCTM Minor Works Agreement)
  • 2013/09/17 Energy efficiency in buildings (based on SANS10400XA & SANS204)
  • 2012/08/02 Energy efficiency in buildings (based on SANS10400XA & SANS204)
  • 2011/05/05 Essential office practice
  • 2010/02/17 2010 Standards
  • 2007/03/08 Revit Buildings 9.1 @ Nelson Mandela Metro University ATC.

We were in the process of building our dream home and consulted with a well-established architect company. We received the house plans but it was not what we had in mind for our dream home. Friends of ours told us about Incredible Design and we contacted Nadia D’Elboux. She visited our stand, listened to our needs and developed the most perfect plan ever! We had no changes to the initial house plan as it was exactly what we had in mind. We would like to thank Nadia for her creative work. Nobody else will ever beat her services and we will forever be grateful for what she did for us! BEST DECISION WE’VE EVER MADE!